VP Akol wants Anti- Corruption docket fiscally armed to fight fraud

By Mary Poni

The Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Akol has declared his support to help the Anti-Corruption Commission get all the technical and financial support from the government to fight corruption.

He made the pledge yesterday during his opening remarks at a stakeholder’s validation meeting in Juba on the review of South Sudan Anti-corruption Act.

“I am going to be an ambassador for the anti-corruption and I want you not to hesitate, coming to my office such that I can push in demanding and following up your needs from the finance anytime you’re ready,” he said.

He said though there are problems of financing government priorities, they are trying their best to make sure that the oil production increases to meet all people’s needs.

“The financing of institutions is important and we are doing our best as our current minister is doing his job” said VP Hussein.

“We also give him the good hand to go and search for the funds such that we can fund the activities of all the government institutions,” he said.

VP Abdelbagi however said their efforts will work out only if they support the Ministry of Finance including the institutions that are attached to it.

“I know that the restructuring of the commission is supposed to happen two years back and this also gives us reluctance not to work with the anti-corruption because we were assuming that if we have the political will, we could have implemented all the remaining tasks,” he noted.

He stated that according to the provision of the agreement, they have agreed and they will make sure that the Anti-Corruption Commission is restructured including the other commissions such that they can carry out their duties proudly with those who are outside the country as they are part of the revitalized government.

“This well push us on such that we can engage you whenever we need a report as we do get always negative reports internationally about the stability of the country and that is why we want to make sure that we fight it and we are going to fight the corruption,” said VP Abdelbagi.

He emphasized that they have to make sure they fight corruption for South Sudan to be like other countries in the world.

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