Chamber of Commerce blasts foreign companies of unequal pay

By Mary Poni

The Chairperson of Central Equatorial State Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Robert Pita Francis has blasted foreign, private companies of segregated payment of national and foreign employees.

He said the investors coming to make money in the country especially the companies should treat the owners of the country (South Sudanese) equal as the foreign employees when it comes to payment.

Pita told journalists that there are serious issues of unequal payment of national and foreign employees.

He revealed that South Sudanese employed by private companies especially those run by foreigners are earning less salary than a foreign employee which he said is a crime.

He stressed that the first responsibility of any foreign investors’ institution is to create jobs and to be part of social economic development to the area where they are operating their businesses.

“We know these things through media and other social outlets but the people concern in controlling or tackling such cases is the Ministry of Labor,” he noted.

Pitia said the chamber of commerce is only entitled to only give a recommendation and support to the individuals (South Sudanese) who are affected.

“We want our own South Sudanese to be employed and paid equal amount of money as others operating in the country hence, we don’t encourage exploitation of our citizens.”

He reiterated that there are only two objectives in any country of what a company or institution management should do or put in to consideration which includes the creation of jobs to the particular people where the institution is operating and being part of social economic development to the area where they are establishing their businesses.

“Those companies bringing employees from outside the country and are paid higher more that the citizens are already a crime and he or she should be punished.”

“We want our youths to be employed,” he advocated.

He emphasized that this country belongs to South Sudanese.

“We welcome the foreign employers to participate in the economic development of the country but not only to collect money from South Sudan to another country which is very wrong,” he underlined.

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