How CES gov’t will spend the 2022/23 fiscal budget

By William Madouk Garang                

The Central Equatoria State Legislative Assembly on Monday approved the long-awaited state fiscal budget at the tune of SSP 16 billion which now determines how the state government will be spending money.

The final approval from lawmakers now legalizes the execution of the plans on resource envelope for fiscal year 2022/2023 that would enable the government to render its services.

This year’s budget has increased to115.3 percent compared to fiscal year 2021/2022 budget which was SSP 7,462,966,313 billion. The state envisions “peaceful and prosperous’ state and achieving strategic goals.

Chairperson for Economic, Finance & Investment committee, Jacob Lado Paul said the budget was overshadowed by state owned revenues which is  projected to SSP 10.99 (68.4%) while grant transfers from ministry of Finance constitutes of SSP 5.07 billion (31.6%).

Budget earmarked SSP 6.76 billion (42.1%) for use of goods and services, followed by wages and salaries SSP 5.16 billion (32.1%). the capital expenditure constitutes SSP 3.75 billion (23.4%) and transfers to counties amount to SSP 382.38 million (2.4%).

Economic committee said the workforce is projected to be 23,582 this year due to inclusion of legislatures, other political appointments and recruitments made in several institutions which will see salary and wages increased.

According to the parliamentary report, there is high focus on incentives and overtime by most institutions rather than addressing developmental projects, and this year the budget expected to be spent on travel is 3.1% distinct from last 2021/22 fiscal year which was 4.7%.

Who get what?

State government secretariat is allocated SSP 1,828,449,427 billion while state legislative assembly received SSP 1,533,771,794 billion and ministry of Cabinet Affairs is given SSP 311,030,806 million.

Ministry of parliamentary affairs is allotted SSP 252,767,640 million and Ministry of Finance; Planning & Investment is given SSP 1, 862, 396, 748 billion. Meanwhile, Ministry of Labor & Public Service is assigned with SSP 301, 368,930 million.

Ministry of trade & industry is allotted SSP 276, 645, 797 million, ministry of Housing, Land & Public Utilities with SSP 491,955, 365 million whereas ministry of Roads and Bridges got a share of SSP 454,179,205 million.

The budget also earmarked SSP 421,426,243 million for ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, while ministry of Animal Resources, Fisheries & Tourism is given SSP 375,429,729 million as well as SSP 271,117,373 million is set aside for ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development.

SSP 348,638,710 million was also set aside for ministry of Information & Communication and ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports is given SSP 286,046,762 million, meanwhile ministry of General Education & Instruction received SSP 2,724,814,292 billion.

Gender, Child & Social Welfare is assigned SSP 362,870,337 million, and SSP 273,270,893 million to ministry of Peace Building, at same time ministry of Health is given SSP 900,383,038 million.

Local Government & Law Enforcement is allotted SSP 366,583,436 million, State Revenue Authority apportioned SSP 298,040,057 million and State Insurance Regulatory Authority is assigned SSP 217,284,632 million.

Anti-corruption is allotted SSP 77,598,657 million, State Employee Justice Chamber SSP 52,200,027 million and state HIV/AIDS Commission a sum of SSP 50,826,025.

While six counties and Juba city Council is given SSP 977,678,172 million, Human Rights Commission with SSP 46,550,550 million, meanwhile Special Economic Zone/ Authority is allotted SSP 84,083,817 and Equator Broadcasting Cooperation- EBC is allocated SSP 193,219,792 million.

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