YCS movement decries lack of support, demand subsidy

Members of the YCS during a group photo- Photo credit Emmanuel Sule

By Bida Elly David

Young Christian Students in Juba have called on the government to prioritize the activities of the movement to enable young students at Secondary schools equip themselves with theological and religious knowledge.

This development transpired yesterday during a one day drill on the current status of the movement at various high schools which remains distorted as a result of stagnant validation of the movement by people of good will.

Young Christian Students’ movement in Juba emerged as an entity run by the Catholic denomination within Christian religion with numerous activities meant to transform young people from the spirit of paganism into Christianity through dogmatic knowledge to understand the significance of the creator in their lives.

The movement over the past ten years has contributed many activities in various schools as majority of students graduated with good Christian values making them successful in their professions.

Majority of disciplined and successful students in various organizations, private sectors and government were members and Alumni from the movement. 

Based on the fact that the movement is concerned, the entity has got key extra curricula roles that engaged more students to join. Sports, choral, drama and interschool debating competitions were among the activities that have been promoting Unity amongst the students within the movement.

Speaking during the event, Emmanuel Sule, the Secretary General for the Young Christian Students of Juba day secondary school said that the movement has been impacted passively by number of challenges making most of their members to withdraw without notification.

He said that some students within the movement emerged from other denominations making it difficult to understand the liturgical law of the Catholic Church.

“We in the movement have been facing many challenges as some students withdraw from being members of the movement. The major challenge facing some Students in Secondary school is the unique liturgy used based on Catholic background. Especially the songs sung as well as the liturgy of the words,” he said.

In his part, pastor Khamis Alex who was an Alumni in the movement reiterated need for the executive and the members in the entity to be patient and prayerful despite the challenges they faced.

He pointed out that servants of the Lord were entitled to undergo challenges and trials and develop hope for better future. In continuation, Pastor Khamis advised the Young Christian Students to remain committed to their activities as well as endure all the challenges as a mechanism to undertake leadership skills.

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