South Sudan is a traumatized nation, everything politicized-Akec

By Bida Elly Dvaid

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba said South Sudan has become a traumatized nation, reiterating that the spirit of patriotism and foresight has been washed away by ethnicity, politics and weapons.

South Sudan among other nations has been impeded by number of challenges such as ethnic conflicts, cattle raiding and natural disasters such as droughts and flooding threatening citizens’ livelihoods.

These tragedies have contributed directly to loss of many lives, displacement of large population to refugees and internally displaced persons camps and other areas seeking for better environment to earn safe living.

The intercommunal violence have created disputes among other communities creating further space of violent revenge, planting historical hate among  themselves.

Not only that, pastoralism has pave greatest enmity between herders and most host communities in South Sudan as cattle destroyed many agricultural farms and plantations meant to serve the purpose of reducing food insecurity.

Recently, the Vice Chancellor applauded the citizens for their harmony towards rejecting execution of the dredging project by the Egyptian government before studies could be carried.

He stated that the initiative without the knowledge of the citizens could contribute into non-logical debate that would hinder the progress of some activities across the nation.

Recently, a political analyst pointed out that lack of political will among political parties have contributed fully into the current conflicts happening in most of the part in South Sudan.

He said conflicts on ethnic basis have traumatized many citizens who witnessed their loved ones being killed through violence that resulted from political tensions engineered by politicians who instigated ethnicity disputes.

John Akec, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba, in a statement posted on his Facebook page stated that the spirit of patriotism that the citizens of the nation would have practiced has been distorted with the above mentioned factors leaving the nation at the state of jeopardy.

 “A traumatized nation, I suspect patriotism and foresight are dead. Everything in this country including politics and environment is being monetized, then ethniticised, politicized and finally weaponized,’’ he said    

Professor Akec cited that even the environmental surrounding that accommodated citizens has been monetized.

He added that the art of politics has become an impossible game in the nation.

“Politics the art of the impossible, increasingly, it is becoming apparent that the brand of politics in this country can no longer qualify as the art of the possible but the game of the impossible” he noted.

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