Wildlife species displaced as poaching increases -MP

By Gladys Kole

Poaching threats and lack of law to promote wildlife conservation in the country has played a bigger role in the migration of animals to the neighboring countries especially to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo.

You would be surprised to learn that South Sudan is blessed as a nation with a number of animals and different kinds of species they have in Buma, Bandigilo national park that are nonexistent in other parts of the world.

Parliament on Wednesday passed the wildlife conservation bill that will protect and regulate the use of the countries’ wildlife species to abstain poaching as well as approved military ranking of its officers against uncertainties.

Wildlife conservation is one of the recreational and tourism sectors as well as a source of generation of income for improving the economic development and a way to solve balance of payment problems in most countries, and South Sudan’s case is not exceptional.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday during the passing of the bill, the chairperson of information committee at parliament John Agany, said that sometimes people kill these animals due to ignorance and not genuinely for the purpose of consumption but given the fact that they are animals.

He also stressed that the people are mercilessly killing the animals without having a second thought that one time this cause will make them disappear.

“We humans are also animals in this regard with passing of the bill that consists of rules and  punishments anyone killing animals will face the law with not less than six months in jail,” said john.

He also underscored that the people are not well informed about the importance of the animals.

He however urged people to conserve them (wildlife) because they cannot live without this species.

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