Police officer harasses aged beggar in Juba

By Bida Elly David

A sixty year old man was over the weekend harassed by a young police officer in Munuki for having used a business point as his daily begging point discouraging customers from access to the product.

This incident transpired at one of the petrol stations along Melisya-Libya road when the old man approached several drivers at the station appealing for financial assistance.

Juba being the capital city of South Sudan is hosting a huge population that emerged from most of the States across the country. A high State turnover of population to the city was majorly for employment purposes.

Research revealed that capital cities across the globe are believed to have been overpopulated by many people due to high chances of better education, jobs, better life among others.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the police officer who did not identify himself due to anger said that the old man has been disturbing customers turning to refill fuel tanks at the station.

He said that the old man has not been using friendly channel to beg for money rather abused people.

“The old man comes here every day to beg money from the customers” he said. “Everyone knows him. He has become a common figure here where some of the customers coming became discouraged with his conduct” said the policeman.

“He should respect his age although he is old. The old man likes insulting people always whenever he is not given anything. We have been telling him to use a good approach of asking things but he could not” lamented the policeman.

Number of customers who watched the seen were disgraced to see a young police officer humiliating some body elderly enough.

Buturus Wani, a boda-boda rider told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that what the officer did was a disgrace to all young officers working for the government.

“Beating an old man is like beating your father. An officer is supposed to protect the citizens but not to harass them,” he said. “This old man has reasons that brought him to the street to beg”. “Not everybody is happy or rich in his family. This old man at his age deserves our help as young people” he said.

On his part, Wordi Lokello the 60-year-old beggar said that he was only begging for his food since his kids were a distant from him.

“I am only begging to access food. I didn’t know that my only son, an officer who calls me his father could threaten to beat me in a police uniform. He will not see heaven with such behaviour. His kids will do the same thing he has done to me” he said.

The vulnerable old man blamed government for having recruited young officers without manners or respect for elderly people at a desperate situation where their parents struggle to feed them.

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