Governor Adil assents SSP 16 billion State fiscal budget

By Mary Poni

The governor of Central Equatorial State Emmanuel Adil Anthony has assented the sixteen billion South Sudanese Pounds State fiscal budget for 2022-23 into law yesterday.

Speaking to the media after the signing yesterday, the State Minister of Finance and investment Wani Tom Sebit said that as mandated by article 81 of the transitional constitution of the Central Equatoria State 2012 as amended, the budget was signed approving the revenues and proposed expenditures and spending for the fiscal year budget of 2022-2023.

Wani said the projected resource envelope of sixteen billion pounds is to be generated from both the national grants and the states owned revenues.

He noted that the projected revenues sound cash at hand as alluded, but this calls for concerted efforts for those institutions responsible to meet the obligations in resource mobilization in the financial year as spelled by the law.

 “All of us are tasked to make sure that this money that is projected particularly the ten billion which was the state-owned revenue is utilized appropriately,” he said.

“All of us should gather our efforts so that we can be able to meet the mandate,”

He cited that the projections are to meet the planned activities as in the budget from the state plan as it is cooperated with six pillars which includes the security stabilization, peace building, service delivery, Justice System, community growth through investment and development of the other urban areas all would be kept clean and green.

Looking towards peace and prosperity, the State fiscal budget of 2022-2023, stands at sixteen billion South Sudanese Pounds which was passed by the State transitional legislative assembly.

The government plans to use the resources as follows; salary alone was allocated SSP5.1 billion, the use of goods and services which constitutes the capital got SSP3.7 billion.

There is as well a conditional operational transfer to counties and service delivery units which constitutes 380.3 million in the fiscal budget.

The finance minister reiterated that the implementation of the budget shall be in accordance to the budget chapters and its casts and there will be a quarterly accountability report from the institutions.

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