Young bright stars held in another draw against Burundi

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan U-20 national football team young bright stars again lost their second chance of scooping three points drawing with their second rivals Burundi after series of training at the pitch with the hope of hitting the Burundi’s net with a shake of at least a goal.

Recently, the struggling young bright stars drew with Sudan in the genesis of the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers only succeeding to have gained a point out of the expected three following number of wasted chances with heavy energy claim the gravitational victory of the ball.

Earlier after the draw against Sudan, the president of South Sudan football Association had pleaded with citizens and the government to extend their support to the U-20 bright stars as a mechanism to boost their interest on performance.

He said that without support it would be so hard for the Association to meet some of the key areas that would resolve the drawbacks of the team to push them into progress.

In a statement extended to No.1.Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the young bright stars had very big hope to overtake their second rivals during their second match after battling with Sudan, unfortunately luck flew off their way despite the trials.

“South Sudan National Team U-20 had another draw during their second match against Burundi National Team U-20. South Sudan National Team U-20 tried their best at least to scoop three points from Burundi during the last minutes of the game however the luck was not on their side. The match ended as a draw which means now South Sudan has 2 points of which they have to work harder to win their last match against Djibouti.

The U-20 young bright stars after facing Burundi shall also dust their playing boots to confront their next opponent Djibouti with deadly supersonic strategy aimed to count goals on the net.

South Sudan Football Association demonstrated their readiness to support the young boys towards winning against their next opponents without fear or favor. The Bright Stars will also play Burundi on November 1, and finally Djibouti on November 5 before the semi-finals.

With the challenges that triggered draw between Burundi and the bright stars, there is need for the Association to trace out the key mistakes that would determine the resurrection of the fallen young stars into glory.

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