Diplomat lauds South Sudan for backing Ethiopian peace deal

By Bida Elly David

The government of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia has applauded South Sudan for being one of the contributors to the success of the recent peace accord signed between the Ethiopian government and the rebel Tigray people’s Liberation Forces (TPLF).

The Ethiopian government and the TPLF rebels had finally reached into consensus signing an accord on cessation of hostilities meant to end conflict following two years of bloodshed and civil displacement.

Speaking to the Media at the Ethiopian Embassy in Juba yesterday, H.E Amb. Nebil Mahdi Abdullahi the Ambassador of Ethiopia to South Sudan appreciated the efforts of the government of South Sudan, the African Union and other actors that tirelessly worked for the prosperity of the agreement up to its effect.

He said that South Sudan as a sisterly Country has been collaborating with Ethiopia in variety of areas especially during the tough times of the conflict adding that the role played by the African peace negotiators was a clear indication that African problems could be resolved with African Solutions.

“The representatives of the government of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and the TPLF have agreed to announce to the people of Ethiopia and the rest of the world that after 10 days of intensive negotiations both have concluded a peace agreement,”

“We have agreed to permanently silence the guns and end the two years of conflict in Northern Ethiopia. Indeed with what had happened, Africans especially Ethiopians could solve their problems using African solutions,” he said.

Amb. Nebil said that the two year conflict between the two parties has triggered negative impact to the education system where over two million learners were affected.

He stated that the conflict further brought tragic degree of loss of lives and livelihoods thus for the interest of the Ethiopian citizens, they agreed to begin a new chapter aimed at safeguarding the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Country.

Moreover he underscored that they agreed that the government would open doors to humanitarian aids to those in need as well as demonstrate will to restore public service and rebuild infrastructure of all communities affected by the conflicts.

“Ethiopia has only one national defense force. We have agreed on a detailed program of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration for the TPLF combatants taking into account the security situation on the ground,”

“We express our gratitude to all actors contributing to the success of the endeavor in particular African Union Commission chairperson, South Sudan and the African high level panel,” he said.

The Ethiopian top diplomat in Juba noted that through the accord, friends to Ethiopia and members of the diplomatic community would lend their support in rebuilding the broken infrastructure and restore the broken economy into prosperity.

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