I’ve right to suspend to quash tension, says Manytuil

By William Madouk Garang  

The governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Manytuil has scoffed off a claim by his deputy that says he ‘solely’ runs state affairs, citing he has powers to suspend any political post holder who commits gross violation to de-escalate tensions.

Peter Bakuony, the press Secretary in the office of the Governor, revealed that Panyijiar County Commissioner was suspended because he arrested a member of SPLM party which nearly ensued a fight and again declined to honor a summon.

After suspension of Commissioner of Panyijiar, Mr. Gabriel Majiok Bol on Tuesday, Machar’s party faulted the governor of Unity State of running state affairs alone and suspending opposition officials without prior consultations.

According to the head of the SPLM-IO in Unity state, Tor Tungwar who doubles as the deputy governor, Dr. Manytuil since formation of state government has been violating the agreement and turned blind eyes to mutual working relations.

Reacting to the matter, the press secretary in the office of the Governor, Peter Bakuony said Panyijiar commissioner committed a gross violation, thus Dr. Manytuil indefinitely suspended him to quell tension in the area.

“The governor was acting in accordance to the law that has been given to [him] by the revitalized peace agreement, the governor has no right to appoint or to relieve but he has right to suspend when there is a threat,” Bakuony told No.1 Citizen in an exclusive interview.

“The reality is Panyijiar county commissioner has actually committed a very big mistake that is also a threat to the peace agreement because when you arrest the members of the political parties that are also partners to the agreement including the secretary of particular party what do you mean by ” he questioned.

He said that the governor had acted on time to deter the consequences that might have been inflicted by commissioner’s action.

“For example, people in Panyijiar County almost fought – the local youth in the area were almost fighting the commissioner because their members were arrested and that was the reason governor intervened to rescue the situation,” he noted.

Mr. Bakuony further noted that the agreement gives political space for all political parties to exercise their freedom of assembly as long as it’s not a threat to the security but commissioner is gagging party members.

He stressed that people misunderstood mutual working relations, according to him “Collegial or cooperation does not mean even if a political post holder made a mistake you should consult deputy, that is not what this collegial means.”

“This issue of cooperation means when the governor for instance [has] issues to do with the implementation of agreement like appointment of DGs, or county board counselors this is where cooperation comes in,” he continued. 

He rubbished the claim that governor has been suspending cabinet and security meetings, citing that if these vital meetings are not there how would the state government be able to manage security concerns in the state.

Mouthpiece of Dr. Manytuil alleged that Unity state is one of the states that don’t have disagreement regarding collegiality; he also asserted that appointing civil servants doesn’t need any political quota but qualifications.

“In civil servants there is no need for political party because people who qualify are any members of state like sons and daughters of Unity State – if you are qualified and have certificate you will be appointed to work in any ministry.”

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