Academia pleads gov’t to redress embattled students

By Bida Elly David

University of Juba V.C. has called on the government to rise towards supporting the embattled Kampala University Students who were earlier exempted from graduation following illegal operation of the institution in Juba.

Recently, over three hundred students who were supposed to graduate from various faculties from Kampala University Juba campus were denied graduation by the main campus in Uganda with claims that the operation of the University in Juba has been illegal following its closure in 2017.

Despite series of grievances and the court proceedings raised by the students over the issue, the final verdict couldn’t stand in their favor rather proved the existing Juba campus guilty resulting into legal nullification of the students’ claims from undertaking graduation ceremony.

The results of the court verdict transpired into total distress to the stagnant students leaving them with no option but unexpected pain and passive emotions despite the amount of money they poured during their academic journey until their completion.

The students formerly also wrote a letter to the national ministry of higher education demanding for more explanation in regards to the legality of the institution but the authority denied the recognition of the University driven from its historical closure.

Speaking during a meeting with administration and the denied students of Kampala University in Juba, Prof. John Akec, the vice chancellor for the University of Juba underscored need for the authority especially the national ministry higher education to critically redress the predicaments facing the students with much consideration.

“Embattled Kampala University’s students need our support”. He said “I met with the students and the administration; the students are victims of an arbitrary registration system”.

Professor Akec hinted that the students and the administration deserve just a redress to their predicaments.

“Our government must rise and protect the interest of its citizens victimized at Kampala University” he urged. The University of Juba vice chancellor said that rectifying the issue of the students would become one of the ways of protecting the interest of the students on their rights.

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