Minister warns employers against nepotism and despotism

By Bida Elly David

The Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development has punched private sectors and government authorities over passive remuneration policy and unsystematic downsizing of employees with illegal substitution which don’t correlate with recruitment act.

In recent fact-finding reports presented by some victimized civil servants, the rate of nepotism and despotism has grown to a highest level as dismissal of staff within the government sector shoot up and taken over by replacement of related people.

Recently, the Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development cautioned national and State authorities against unjustifiable suspension and dismissal of staff resulting into illegal substitution contrary to the civil service act 2011.

The Minister underscored that nepotism and despotism were elements that have taken lead in various ministries as some civil servants could be downsized and replaced by strange faces.

Meanwhile the Minister of Labour, James Hoth Mai also formerly admitted that majority of employees in most private sectors and organizations across the Country were foreign bodies taking lead in senior positions.

He came up with an order declaring 80% domination of most positions and recruitment of nationals to most private sectors, companies and organizations as a mechanism to reduce unemployment rate in the Country.

Speaking to the media recently, Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro reiterated that the practice by authorities and the private sectors was a clear indication that the law has been dictated upon by individuals and called for reformation and transformation.

“Some recruitment exercise has not been done through public service laws as well as downsizing of staff with immediate substitution,” he said adding “Those who came in a wrong way deserve dismissal unless a certain technique was applied in relation to the public service regulation,”

“You don’t just employ rather the appointment must undergo analysis through the recruitment team with accurate processes of hiring,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization said that it was the role of the parliament to ensure that employment laws are properly executed, implemented to ensure that fair recruitment of employees is done to reduce corruption.

He added that downsizing staff without genuine reason could not demonstrate any meaning rather a practice against public service act and labour policy in the Country.

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