Suicide claims lives over the weekend

By Adia Jildo

Police said they have recorded two suicide cases that left two youth in Juba’s Munuki neighborhood dead over the weekend.

The police spokesperson Maj. General Daniel Justin said the cases happened during the weekend when they were informed about the incidents.

“A 38 year old hanged herself in Block A, and a 22-year-old in Munuki block B,” he said.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the cases of suicide deaths have increased especially among young people of recent than in the previous months.

 “There is an increase in the cases of suicide. In a month, there would be maybe one or two cases but now in the past 3 months it has increased to three or even four,”

The police spokesperson said reasons behind the increase in the cases is not known but he cited the economic crisis or fear of responsibilities by young people that might be blamed for the frustration of the youth leading to suicide.

“Youths are 70 percent of the people who are committing suicide,” he said.

In another related news development, police personnel guarding a petrol station at Hai Referendum Suburb was shot dead by armed men at around 8 PM over the weekend.

Maj. Daniel said security is still in search of the culprits of the incident.

He also added that a young boy also died in a peculiar scenario over the weekend.

The police spokesperson narrated that the young boy was reportedly walking on the street in Juba Na Bari, Tongping when he just collapsed and died instantly. Daniel Justin however said causes of the teen’s dead was not known but doctors are trying to find out the cause.

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