Mayor to smash buildings on school grabbed lands

By Bida Elly David

The mayor of Juba City Council has promised to break down buildings constructed within school land by illegal land grabbers saying that there will be no compromise to any of them who shall use force of claims.

The mayor said this during the commemoration of the International World Teachers’ Day in Juba One Boys Primary School organized by the state ministry of education in collaboration with the national Ministry of General Education and Instructions under the theme “transformation of education beginning with the teacher is a power to transform lives and Society”.

Few weeks ago, a group of people were accused for having constructed shops in Juba one girls and boys’ primary schools for running their businesses. The shop keepers were warned and told to vacate the place before legal actions could be imposed on them.

Speaking during the event, Michael Lado Allah Jabu the mayor of Juba City Council said that very soon land grabbers will find themselves battling the law as their buildings face serious demolition since the plots of land, they claimed were meant to promote education through learning in the Country.

Allah-Jabu said that the city council had the mandate to create a sustainable learning environment to all learners across the City through safeguarding assets meant to increase knowledge to the next generation of the Country.

The mayor further pointed out that they traced out number of people using schools as permanent business scope by building shops for running their enterprises.

He revealed that claiming school land for the purpose of income generation were against the national progress thus never had hope for the young generation especially their kids to progress.

“Juba city council Authority is working to support the Educational activities at the State as well as provide a learning Environment to Teachers and Students by owning School areas from land grabbers, and the Authorities are also working to transform the children. We can’t care whether you are going to use powers or not. What belongs to education is for education period, and no one should claim.”

Addressing the people during the event, the State’s Minister of Education and Instructions Cirisio Zecharia said that Teachers play great roles in society and urged the people and other institutions to stand with the teachers in order to help them boost Educational Sector in the country.

At the same not, Cirisio also urged the people to support the educational Sector and Teachers to stop destroying the coming generation.

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