Minister warns teachers against destroying learners

Cirisio Zecharia, CES Minister of General Education-Courtesy photo

By Bida Elly David

The Central Equatoria State Minister of General Education and Instructions has warned teachers against destroying learners’ future calling them to focus towards exercising the mandate of raising them through correct passing of knowledge with accuracy to build them up.

This development arose during the commemoration of the teacher’s day in Juba Central Equatoria State.

Speaking during the event, Cirisio Zaharia, the State Minister of general education and instruction said that destruction of learners by teachers would hinder their interest to learn making it difficult for them to build themselves with epistemological capacity.

He said that teachers as parents to the learners should deliver accurate and correct knowledge to the learners without interruption of any kind so that they remain focused and determined to be future leaders.

He further said that a teacher is a role model who uses psychological synthesis to analyze the conduct of learners as well as give them guidance to boost learning to an affirmative level rather that creating distress and mental disorder dictating the interest of learners. 

Recently, one of the teachers in one of the schools was convicted for having assaulted a school child during learning. The parents to the learner dragged the teacher before the law for the act and the court in their final ruling found the teacher guilty resulting to conviction.

The Ministry of General Education in their policies has discouraged corporal punishment of any kind against learners as a mechanism to mitigate psychological distress and injuries in the body. School girls in adolescence restricted not to be caned or attacked since they are at risk of menstrual period.

Some schools were reportedly accused of lashing learners in a brutal matter where others sustained injuries as well as exempting themselves from learning.

Cirisio however called on learners to listen to their teachers being their academic parents in the schools as well as participate in any activity or assignment rendered to them by their masters.

He said that the only way to transform a nation was through education being one of the pillars to change and civilization.

 “I thank all the teachers for their efforts invested to bring up the nation through education. Without teachers there is no nation. We can build the nation and bring change through education,” he said adding “I am calling all the citizens to support teachers in their work and efforts.”

“Other professions came into rise through teachers who laid foundations to them meaning that education is the backbone to every profession in the world,” he noted.

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