National Company presents mega road design

By Mary Poni

A national construction company has presented its feasibility studies on a mega road design seeking for approval of the national Ministry of Roads and Bridges before embarking on the road network construction.

Amuk is a diversified construction company which has presented the draft feasibility study findings on their project of road construction that will commence as soon as the minister of Roads and Bridges approves their proposed design.

The development of the drafted study includes feasibility study, preliminary engineering design and environmental and social impact study of upgrading and construction of Wunrok, Turalei, Aweng, Ajakuac, Abiemnhom, Mayom, Bentiu, Paniriang, Jau and Wunrok, Mayenabun, Abyei roads to Bituminous standard.

According to the operation manager for Amuk Company, Aduot Madit the company deals in road and infrastructures, logistics and supply of goods including construction materials.

He said the company was contracted by the national Ministry of Roads and Bridges to do the upgrading and construction of the roads under a mode of contract dabbed as engineering procurement and construction (EPC).

He said the stage the company is in currently is the preliminary engineering which has to be finalized meanwhile the procurement is being proceeded and very soon with the procured items which are being mobilized, the construction will commence during the dry season.

“The upgrading needs to be raised into a different standard and we are going to do from Unity, Warrap states and the two administrative areas,” said Aduot Madit.

He told media that the company has been in operation since 2009 thus, because it was low, then it had to be transitioned.

He stated that they have been engaged in doing a lot of rehabilitations and maintenance work in Warrap, going to Abyei administrative area.

“We have international partners and what we are proposing is actually that there will be fat bridges to make sure that the roads are not overtopped when they are built,” he noted.

Eng. Madit underlined that they are much concerned about the climatic changes and they will be resilient about it and as soon as the ministry approved the design, they will immediately start implementing the project.

“As for now we are doing commencement work on the roads and establishing ourselves”.

The purpose of the presentation was to get views from the public as the Ministry of Roads and Bridges look and elaborate on the proposed design.

Amuk is a national company moving to cope up with modernity and transformation.  

“As we are moving on the roads, the national roads are advanced roads connecting to the states and it is the responsibility of the national ministry,” said Minister Mijak.

He said that there is need to have roads which can connect to the State capitals in the county level while the rural or feeder roads will connect to the Payams and Bomas.

As it is seen by many people in the capital, the facilities used for the construction of roads are very expensive and they need to be taken care of as services of ownership is a responsibility.

Simon Mijok acknowledged that the quality of the roads the engineers are doing is a good vibe to the nation.

“As a minister, we are not just building roads, but also doing other great works for our Martyrs as we lost many lives during the independent struggle and we must work for prosperity,” he stressed.

He applauded Amuk Company for organizing the function, saying it is just the beginning of the planning as they share responsibilities and they are pushing all the companies to follow this step not only engineers but it will be extended to be Engineering Council of South Sudan. He encouraged Amuk Company to build a strong institution for planning and implementation.

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