Beware of land dealers, commissioner warns

By Adia Jildo

The Commissioner of Juba County Eng. Charles Joseph Wani has called on the general public to keep away from land dealers claiming to be selling land but rather visit the offices of the payams to get procedures on how to acquire it.

He said many people have fallen victims of the incident by scammers who sell fake tokens, allocating land illegally.

“There is no token for sales of land. Don’t let your money be taken by someone who you do not know or it will be hard for you to find him/her,” he cautioned.

He said individuals can only acquire land from the government offices where there is procedure and paper work to prove the land ownership.

“Because the people of South Sudan are very desperate, they end up being cheated. They let themselves be cheated,” he said.

He called on the people owning land who have issues associated to land grabbing or ownership of land by two or more individuals to take the cases to court where the court will sort out the issues legally.

“Go to the court if somebody attempts to take your land only with legal documents showing you purchased it,” he called.

Eng. Wani said the indigenous communities have been asked to give land for sale of which was accepted though urged the community to still keep in mind the right procedure.

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