Authority tells discontented MTN subscribers to submit complaints

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Director General of National Communication Authority (NCA) Napoleon Adok is encouraging the MTN subscribers who complain of being cheated by the telecom company to submit their complaints to NCA with credible evidence for administrative action.

The South African telecom giant MTN has been accused by some of its customers of doing a disservice to them by robbing them of their airtime and providing poor services.

NCA however said complainants who feel cheated should compile data and summit them to NCA office in Sherikat for appropriate action by the telecom regulator.

Adok explained that this would be the only prove to help the national regulatory body to summon the company to response to the allegation.

This comes after an outcry from several MTN users who took to their social Media pages alleging that the South Africa based telecommunication company MTN has been robbing the public in bright day light.

NCA boss, Napoleon Adok told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, that, there is nothing the NCA can do if the complainants don’t wake-up and do the needful procedure which is compiling the evidence and reporting it to the body (NCA).

“I would feel everyone who feel cheated must compile evidences and summited them to the NCA, only then shall we be able to exercise our duties for the operator to prove” said Adok.

“Our job here is to fight for you as a consumer, the MTN might not listen to your complains but if we are the one to called them, they will come,” he noted.

Adok added that if the complainer wants to report and compile a case then he or should visit the NCA office.

“Even people in my house are complaining, I have been telling them don’t just talk, take a paper and write down, print out the evidence and summit them to us (NCA) that data can help me to challenge them, we are currently about to launch public office in Juba town, so that people can work there too since its near than Sherikat that some people see so far away” he stated.

The NCA boss further encouraged the people to raise complaints, citing that talking without action wouldn’t contribute to any solution.

However, MTN is yet to response to the allegations.

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