Lawmaker slams Gender minister for ignoring women, children’s issues

By Mary Poni

A member of parliament has slammed Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare for not responding to the issues that are affecting women and children in the country especially in the states.

MP representing Jonglei state at the national assembly and a member of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), Nyanya Johnson said an attack from suspected Murle youth, left women and children wounded and around seven kids abducted but the government didn’t feel concerned about it.

According to Nyanya, the incident took place on Friday 4th of November in Nyirol county, Wat Payam in a village called Mabil.

She said the incident has been taking place every hour and then yet there was a committee formed to look at the matters in the grassroots levels and they did not report to them (representatives) of the particular state.

“It is very shaming as representatives to sleep over the concern of our own people and as a woman, I feel the pain women are going through because every two months such incidents take place yet we are not hearing anything or any way forward from the government,” he said.

Nyanya said South Sudanese are dying on daily bases and when they bring the information to the parliament, the concerned ministries are not willing to come and clarify what exactly they are doing in the ministries.

“I am suggesting that if the committee formed under the leadership of the parliament is not ready to come and report to us and as the leadership, you can directly call the ministers and questions can be posted by the MPs”.

The lawmaker hinted that people are blaming them that they are not bringing their concern to the parliament.

“So, what shall we be telling the people suffering in the grassroots yet we are going towards the end of the year and since some motions have been tabled and the concerned ministers are not coming or turning up when issues of concern are brought to their tables?,” she asked.

She appealed to the leadership of the parliament including the other concerned government bodies to address the issues of insecurity across the country including cattle raiding, saying women and children are so much abused.

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