ECSS Bishops’ conference kicks off in Juba

By Mary Poni

The province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) has officially opened the house of the bishops meeting which gathered all the bishops across the country together at the ECSS guest house in Juba.

Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Archbishop of Juba Archdiocese Dr. Justin Badi Arama officially opened the house of the bishops meeting for this year in Juba yesterday.

He said the meeting is important to the lives of the churches in the country because it is a meeting that deals with methods pertaining to faith, order, doctoring and Anglican tradition.

Dr. Badi noted that the house of bishops is the supervisory body that oversees the churches to move on the right direction.

“We also have an international conference for peace and reconciliation where people from around the world have come to learn from the experience of South Sudan and to advice the country’s people on how South Sudanese can proceed with peace and reconciliation amongst individuals” said Primate Badi.

The ECSS primate underlined that as it’s well known that there is spirit of anger, division and violence among the people as a church, they need to sit down to pray and to think on how they can disarm the heart and the spirit of conflict from the minds of the people.

Badi stated that People are saying the church is relaxing but it’s actually not relaxing but rather working seriously from the background.

“We are trying our best on how we can be at the grassroots and at the middle level to help our people to harmoniously live together to embrace peace and reconciliation hence, it is aware that the spirit of God will be here with us and to guard us with his glory” Badi said.

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