Uncle cuts off girl’s ear for attending church

By William Madouk Garang

A sixteen-year-old girl’s ear has been reportedly chopped off by her uncle for refusing to cease worshipping God with the Seventh Day Adventist church in Warrap State.

A video circulating on social media saws a girl who identified herself as Achol Mabiel narrating the incident that happened in September 2022 which shocked the netizens.

“I used to go for prayers but when I came back; my uncle do ask me where I was coming from? And I replied I went to worship God” Achol said.

“My uncle said what God? That I can’t see and he told me that he doesn’t need that God but I didn’t listen and I continued to go to the church” she continued.

Achol lamented that her uncle whom she identified as Mr. Wol Mabiel then battered, and burnt her books including the Bible, and told her to stop attending masses with the Seventh Day Adventist church.

“He [my uncle] beat me and pierced my feet with spear so that I will not go to church but I still go there, so he continued assaulting me and that forced me to leave the house to Tonj North [to uncle house – Makuach],” Achol said.

According to her, she joined church because her siblings were sick that’s why she devoted time to SDA for God’s intervention; she asserted that her uncle is making her life hard and unbearable.

“I cannot live this life for the reason that he [my uncle] force things like alcohol, marriage etc. He beat me because I didn’t go to dances or braid my hair that kind of person will bring life to you, it’s better to kill you because if girls drink and go to dances where is life,” Achol mourned.

William Wol Mayom, the Warrap state minister of Information confirmed the incident but said it happened a long way before his appointment, asserting they are doing awareness to local residents in regards to co-existence.  

Minister Mayom added that the law is taking its course and justice must prevail, he also appealed to the residents to inform police and not to take the law into their hands.

When asked about the detention of the journalist who interviewed the young girl – Mr. Agany Malleher of Dalwuot media, the minister said the scribe was not arrested because of his media work but due to car incident.

“This is not true, I heard that the journalist was actually detained on other bases according to the investigation – the journalist took somebody’s car and he got involved in accident” said the minister.

“Because of that accident the owner of the car told him to pay 1,100 US dollars, in the process the money was not paid and the owner of the car opened the case against the journalist” he asserted.

On 27 October, Salva Mathok, a lawmaker hailing from Warrap allegedly ordered the burning of the Seventh Day Adventist church in Akeer-Abuok village, Gogrial East County in Warrap state.

MP Mathok accused the pastors of preaching against “paying homage to other deities except for the God of Bible” a creed that did not sit well with the neighborhood, which are engaged in traditional African forms of worship.

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