Journalists denied access to information in Kitgum Municipality in Uganda

By Martha John Savio – Kitgum Uganda

A group of twenty (20) journalist in Kitgum Municipality were denied access of information Thursday 10th November 2022 from attending a review meeting at Kitgum Municipality board room with China Rail Way Group 7, and Kitgum Municipal roads committee together with the Sekubu sub constructors.

The journalists were denied access of information by one of the sub constructors, when Mr. Oling Jameson inspector of works was delivering his first speech despite the fact that all journalists were invited by the municipal media coordinator to attend.

The main aim of the meeting was to discuss issues on delayed roads construction and adjusting roads in the Municipality.

According to the speaker of municipality Mr. Ochan Isaac, there are lots of issues that needs to be addressed such as roads construction and adjustments are not in line with the proposed works from Uganda Ministry of Works.

The roads in some areas like Omony Ogaba road is left in a bad condition that causes accidents and needs clear maintenance, and construction of Calvert.

 Speaker Ochan said the roads are over delaying yet ministry of Works had sent all the necessary support to facilitate the road construction.

Ochan said, there were other issues that the municipality wanted the public to know through the media concerning the state of the municipal.

Unfortunately, the Rail Way Group 7, Constructors were not in agreement with this.

That made the 20 Journalist to Match away of the meeting room carrying their cameras, recorders, pens and books in a very disappointing manner.

The Journalists concerned is how can a municipality, district and a whole nation move forward to develop when there are issues affecting the citizens that needs to be addressed and access to such issues are totally denied.

Still more, the Journalist concern was that, media is the eye and ears of the public and according to Uganda, the press statute 1995 amended 1996 states of press and broadcast freedom.

The Journalists appeal to all stake holders both national and international to cooperate with the media since it is the very words that one says is the very one that discussions, and news are drafted from, but not based on the journalist assumptions, objectives or opinions.

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