Armed herders slain five in Lokiliri payam

By Adia Jildo

Five people have been murdered and 6 others injured by alleged cattle herders in a village of Lokiliri Payam of Juba County, Central Equatoria State on Friday.

The Central Equatoria State ministry of information and communication in a press statement issued on Saturday condemned the incident saying that it’s uncalled for.

“The governor (Central Equatoria State) and his entire government is deeply shocked and saddened by the brutal murder of 5 innocent unarmed civilians and injury of 6 others at Ngerjebe Boma,” the letter read in part.

The state government stated that the presence of the herders is illegal in the state as they are also causing insecurities.

“The additional grave atrocities committed by the obviously ruthless herders whose illegal presence in Central Equatoria state is terrific and ugly causing horror and panic among the agrarian communities is undermining peace and security not only of the state but of the nation at large” continued the letter.

Central Equatoria government urged the herders to immediately evacuate within an ultimatum of 72 hours citing their presence as a danger to the community.

It added that a committee has been set to find the perpetrators of the act to be brought to book.

“The organs of the state (security) are directed to immediately track the perpetrators for the apprehension to face the law” it added.

Meanwhile Edmund Yakani, the executive director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) condemned the incident saying it’s unfortunate and called for justice to prevail over the barbaric act of the suspected armed herders.

“This incident is inhuman and the perpetrators should be held accountable” he said. “Community Empowerment for Progress Organization condemns the incident of inhuman and unlawful act that leads to the killing of five civilians,” he added.

Yakani said the act of armed individuals or groups killing civilians’ population innocently across the country is totally undermining the citizens’ interest for peace, security and stability. 

“The country weekly is losing lives of innocent civilians to unlawful act of armed cattle herders through killing innocent civilians, or waging cattle raiding and revenge attacks. These incidences are strongly pushing the population to lose trust and confidence on their leaders tasked to deliver peace and security for them,” he echoed.   

He called on the cattle herders to respect the rule of law and abolish the killing of civilians during their migration.

Yakani said the act of innocent shedding of blood of the civil population is a trigger to inter-communal clashes and violence hence leading to crimes against humanity.

He called on the political leadership of Central Equatoria and Jonglei States to immediately under joint action to mitigate this negative development of killing of civilians before it turns into a deadly communal violence.

CEPO finally urged the leadership of Council of States to continue playing their positive role in responding to state-level deadly violence.

“It is important that government institutions take proactive role in prevention of deadly inter-communal violence across the country,” he added.      

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