Merchants face head-knock for passive waste strewing

By Bida Elly David

Another saga has transpired as city Council authority over the weekend warned traders in custom for random dumping of garbage along the streets and middle of the market causing environmental pollution leaving the population to become victims to malaria parasite and typhoid.

This development arose during a comprehensive cleaning of custom market over the weekend by the city council authority to ensure safety for the business people as well as the domiciles living in the city.

Over the past years, malaria parasite and salmonella typhoid have been common sicknesses that almost half of the population across the Country battle. At least 80% of patients in public and private hospitals under medical treatments are driven from the aforementioned complications.

Medical searchers from the national ministry of health revealed that unnecessary dumping of garbage, stagnant water and consumption of dirty water were factors that have contributed to the rise of the malaria parasite. The report revealed that most of the water people drink is not safe since business people put much focus on making money.

During the weekly cleaning campaign that takes place every Saturday by the Authorities of Juba City Council headed by the Deputy Mayor for Administration and Finance accompanied by the Assistant Chief Executive Officer together with the directors of the three blocks Juba, Kator and Munuki and the Director of Garbage and Sanitation department.

Speaking to the media after the cleaning exercise, Fredericko Nyokun Wani Deputy Mayor for Administration and Finance said that the influx of the random malaria cases has been happening as a result of poor waste disposal to the right places by the business people and the residents in the city.

“We are working to ensure that the Environment is clean and safe for the Citizens and urged the people to respond positively and respect such cleaning initiatives” said Nyokun.

“I am here by warning the people and business operators in Custom to avoid dumping the waste in the open spaces to avoid spread of malaria parasite and typhoid to the local population in the city. The traders should dump their waste to suitable places,” he said.

On his part, Martin Juma Lojong, the director for custom chamber of commerce pointed out that the multiple packing of garbage has been occurring due to delays in comprehensive collection of the piled garbage to the main garbage site.

He reiterated the need for the government to provide the administration with a garbage truck for tentative removal of the garbage before the response from the main team from the city council authority.

However, Simon Kenyi the Director of Munuki Block Council said that they will arrange the market to help choose the suitable dumping point as well as advised the business operators to use the areas that are given to them by relevant Authorities.

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