Gen. Olony’s forces accused of blocking aid

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Commissioner of Pigi County in Jonglei State, Nyok Mialual Mayiik has accused Agwelek forces under Gen. Johnson Olony of blocking humanitarian assistance to the civilians residing within Atar area of Pigi County.                                         

Commissioner Nyok said that on Thursday Agwelek forces attacked the area leaving two casualties on the ground and thirteen others were injured and another died after reaching to the nearby village hoping for treatment.

However, the head of Agwelek advance team in Juba Paul Achot Achobek refuted the claims saying their forces came under attack while at their base.

He said they responded to the attackers’ aggression in self-defense repelling them.

“Atar area is under our control and what happened is that our forces came under attack, and our forces repelled and even our forces went far until Diel Payam (within Pigi county) … so the attackers were… the Nuer by tribe, I cannot tell if they are loyal to Dr. Riek Machar (SPLA-IO) or Gen. Gatwech Dual (Kitwang Declaration),” he said.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Mialual stressed that “those of Agwelek don’t need the civilians to stay there (in Atar) nor do they want humanitarians to pass there, not even any forces that are part of the government, currently the road is blocked from Pigi to Fangak, you cannot manage to pass through the river”.

“There were two killed and others were taken to Khor-wag, 13 were injured and one of them went and died in Khor-wag and four from them were in danger taken to Old Fangak” he narrated.

Pigi county commissioner said they have reported similar incidents for several times to government of Jonglei State, citing that they also believe that the State government have also reported to national the government.

“This is not the first time for Agwelek to attack nor is it the first time for them to close the roads and its not the first time they stop all the humanitarians to come to this place, we have raised the issue to the government several times” he said.

Mialual said that resident left their homes due to the fear of renewed fighting after Thursday clashes in the Atar area.

He went further and pointed out that hundred have been displaced to the surrounding areas and lacked food, shelters and also in fear.

“My message to the government is for them to have a dialogue with the Agwelek in specific to convince them except peace, so they can open the road for the humanitarian and the civilian and even the traders that comes from Bor to Fangak,” he said.

Few Months ago, Atar Community accused Agwelek forces of attacking their civilian.

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