Gov’t warns industrialists and loggers against pollution

By Bida Elly David

The first deputy speaker at the transitional national legislative Assembly has raised concerns over continuous industrialization and deforestation in the Country saying that the practice has increased pollution to the environment causing toxicities to the ecosystem.

This development transpired following the United Nations conference held in Egypt on the global impact of increasing global warming and deforestation against the environment and the entire ecosystem.

The conference in Egypt deliberated much on the negative impacts of global warming to the ecosystem as well as the role played by leaders towards protecting the world from the hazards through environmental management.

Over the past years, South Sudan has been experiencing continuous deforestation where citizens cut down trees for firewood, charcoal and businesses. The practice has so far affected the availability of rainfall and air for the people. It has also passively impeded the access to agricultural activities due to insufficient amount of rainfall for farming.

Few Months ago, the parliament summoned the national ministers of environment and petroleum to explain the reasons behind pollution at the oil producing sites in the Country where good number of livestock were reported dead and agricultural produce were also smashed off by the toxic substances from the industries. Not only that, human beings at the surrounding of oil fields were also affected by the pollution as most of them fell sick.

In a statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Nathaniel Oyet, the first deputy speaker at the national transitional legislative Assembly said that increasing global warming has contributed to numerous environmental hazards.

He then called off the cutting down of trees and proper management of industrial wastes to avoid further pollution and positive climate change in the Country.

He further added that Industrialized Countries need to play a greater role towards climate change to save the climate.

“Industrialized Countries should do more to save the planet; cutting greenhouse gas is not an option anymore but a necessity. The planet is experiencing more climate related natural disasters more than any time in history,” he said.

Nathaniel underscored that if random cutting of trees and unnecessary dumping of industrial waste is not exercised, then the environment would be safe from hazards and global warming.

Nathaniel added that the absence of rainfall across the Country has been happening due to the continuous cutting down of trees as well as improper management of industrial wastes.

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