National Prisons Service Bill awaits MPs’ last litmus test

By Taban Tom Henry

The Specialized Standing committee on National Security and public order, Legislation and Justice has on Monday tabled the National Prisons Service amendment Bill 2022 to the parliament in the second reading stage.

Addressing the media after the sitting, the Chairperson for the Standing committee for Information in the National Assembly John Agany Deng said that the National Prisons Service amendment Bill 2022 has been tabled before the August House in its second reading stage for deliberation and further scrutiny.

“Today in parliamentary sitting No.24/2022 in the first session of the national legislative assembly at the freedom hall we discussed two items and the most important item was the presentation of the joined report of the specialized committee on National Security and Public Order legislation and justice on the national prison service Act amendment Bill 2022. This was presented in its second reading stage” said Agany.

The members of the parliament discussed the generalities of the Bill and Agany said the Bill is gaining momentum citing that the necessary amendment has been made.

The Bill was passed from the second reading stage to the third and is expected to be tabled for the fourth and final stage in the next sitting.

“It has been differed because there were other things that did not come to light, the committee pledged that they should meet the minister of defense who is also important to give contribution on this bill and I think they will meet together with the committee and then definitely they will come to consensus and the bill will be tabled again next Wednesday, we will have the Prison service amendment bill 2022” Agany said.

The august house also listened to presentation from the committee on defense and veteran affairs national security and public order on the justice convention on the prohibition and stockpiling of bacterial (biological) and toxic weapons and their distribution.

“This bill has also been differed; it is a convention but not a bill that was supposed to be rectified but because of the necessary arrangement that has not yet been met it has also been postponed to the next reading stage,” he noted.

Agany however hinted that the Bill will be discussed in one single tabling because the treaties are to be deliberated but not scrutinized, so it will be accepted in totality.

“I hope in the next sitting we will be going by that and I hope we will pass it into law in the Republic of South Sudan. 

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