Woman dumps baby, desert home to unknown location

By Bida Elly David

A shaking moment has landed against marriage as a 25-year-old woman over the weekend at Juba’s Kugi suburbs dumped a six months’ old baby to her husband after he had trashed her demand to seek for rental house.

The incident transpired on Saturday in the evening hours following a long-term request made by the woman few months ago before her delivery.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper over the weekend, John Riti the husband to the woman said that his wife tabled her request for a rental house sometimes back following a dispute with his senior wife who is the mother to his six kids.

He said that despite efforts invested by him to generate money for securing a rental home for his younger wife; nothing has been accomplished as demand for his kids could equally rise.

John sadly said that his second wife dumped their six months baby at his house after he had gone for work saying that the woman had severally rejected any little monetary offer he rendered for her daily upkeep.

According to John, his younger wife never wanted to live in the same compound with his senior wife as a strategy to build her own family with her own kids but due to financial constraints, he couldn’t afford to rent two separate homes.

“My younger wife has been disturbing me a lot. She wanted me to go and rent for her a house where she could settle but I don’t have any money to do that since my children are at school and they want to eat. My big wife has treated her like her own sister but she still insisted to live alone,” he said.

He further lamented that his second wife has severally refused to cook for the family despite him giving money for feeding instead the wife could use the money for meeting her external expenses.

“When she dumped the child, I was at work and my elder wife was at home. She decided to leave the house to a place best known to her. I don’t have any problem but she insisted to have her own house instead but I don’t have a plot to take her and I will continue saying that she has to come back and live with her co-wife,” he said.

On her part, Christine Itiya, the elder wife to John underscored that she was ignorant of what happened between her co-wife and their husband rather she just saw a baby being thrown down before her.

She pointed out that due to the passive mood and the approach of her co-wife; she had no option other than rescuing the baby from the floor.

“As a mother to children, I never knew what happened between the two. I only saw my co throwing her baby down in gloomy face with immediate departure to unknown location. The problem is between them. Whether the husband will rent a house or not is not my business. I just need my children to go to school and eat,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dorothy Drabuga, a gender activist blamed the man for having made a mistake to marry two women knowing his poor financial position.

“This issue of men marrying many women without knowing their financial status always cause problem. I blame the man for bringing one’s daughter and failing to meet her demand. It is wrong and he must face the consequences,” she said.

Dorothy advised the lady to come back for her baby and resolve the issue amicably through involvement of second parties.

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