A new relieve and Rehabilitation Commission office opens in Torit

By Ijoo Bosco

Governor of Eastern Equatortia State Louis Lobong Lojore on Wednesday inaugurated a new office building of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Torit.

Officials say this field office will strengthen NGOs relations with the government, as well as boost ongoing humanitarian efforts in the State.

Lobong appreciated the good working relationship between the Government and the humanitarian agencies in the State.

The Assistant High Commissioner for Operations Raouf Mazou, said “this historic Office” will position the agency to better advance the monitoring and registration of the returnees.

The Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Dr. Manasse Lomole Waya, said “Torit is an island of peace and stability, saying the establishment of the office is a testament that there is tranquility in the State.

Lomole said more six hundred thousand people have so far returned to the country from the refugees’ camps.

The UNHCR-funded “Pocket of Hope” location is to help in monitoring the return process of the refugees from the neighboring countries.

A high-level delegation from Juba led by the UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Operations Raouf Mazou and the Head of RRC Dr. Manasse Lomole Waya.

The team is in the State to advocate for additional focus and support for the government and the people of South Sudan to advance solutions to the returnees and refugee problems.

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