Authorities caution families to end domestic violence

By Martha John savio – Kitgum Uganda

Deputy residence commissioner of Kitgum district Hajj Walire Marijan Wednesday at a closed interview in his office had cautioned families to end domestic violence at home levels.

He said, domestic violence begins with the parents and is later transferred to children which causes trauma into the mindset of the young Ones.

Mr. Hajj Walire further said, as a result of domestic violence there are many outcomes that comes along like divorce, fighting and even homicides that have become more rampant nowadays across the districts of Uganda.  

Mr. Hajj Walire narrated that, some of the causes of domestic violence is over excessive drinking of alcohol substance that makes spouse to be furious without conscious mind set.

Some are caused by dominants at the family for instance since it is harvest time men want to take over produce sales and use profit for their own benefits and women are not supposed to complain over it yet they neglect families without providing basic needs to the family.

However, deputy residence commissioner Kitgum district cautioned parents to be united and live in harmony since when cultivation time, they work together as family so it needs also during planning and sales of the products, it also requires the families to plan together to avoid tensions in the family.

Mr. Hajj Walire Marijan further cautioned parents to monitor their children and keep them busy at home during holidays to prevent them from being idle and joint bad group of friends without knowing their characters like drinking and smoking drugs that divert their minds from right thinking minds.

He further cautioned parents to be vigilant to monitor girl child dress codes that cannot lead to harm such as rape and defilements.

He stressed out that, it has also come to the security noticed that, those who stays out at latest hours while drinking are the very ones that causes insecurity within the district.

However, as security everyone who will be caught in any bad actions that disorganized the district, the culprits will be brought to book.

He concludes that, as learners are about to get holidays in one weeks’ time except the senior six    who are about to begin advance certificate of higher learning in secondary, parents should not over spend resources during fourth coming festivities but to save for next year’s planning to be able to begin next academics year 2023 without difficulties at Schools.

So far eight (8) people have been recorded of committing homicides for the past two months of October and November from Gulu

Some being identified and others are not identified.

List of the identified one’s are former woman Councilor for Pece division Gulu City, Amony Francesca stabbed her husband Dr. Etuk Joseph to death on the night of 28th October and she was also reported to burn the hands of her house maids with iron box over loss of Shs 60,000 from her house.

And on the 10th of November Okeny Willi who works with summer source NGO based in Gulu murder Mrs. Laker Proscovia 30 years and a mother of two a boy and a girl unfortunately the murderer is not even the father of those two children.

Mrs.Laker a resident of Kitgum district but went to Gulu City for a newly appointed job at Gulu prison the duo were cohabiting but in unhealthy relationship that made Laker to with draw not until Mr. Okeny got to know that, Mrs. Laker was in Gulu, followed her and attack her by knife to death.

Unfortunately, Okeny also committed suicide the case is registered under homicide team detective from Gulu City central police CRB 918/2022.

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