Diplomat vows continuous support to peace process

By Mary Poni

The government of the United States of America has reiterated its continuous support to the South Sudan peace process though the transitional period for the implementation of the agreement has been pushed for more twenty-four months.

Mr. Moulik D. Berkana, the Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Juba said that the U.S. gov’t will continue to support and partner for peaceful South Sudan.

“I know that there was a discussion on a roadmap towards peace for a long time, but I know that the latest thinking now is for a destination,” he said.

“It’s been so long talking about the peace process but now is the time to put the implementation in to action as the U.S shall continually look after the country to make progress towards free and fair election and the destination to move beyond the roadmap,” he continued.

He said the graduation of the necessary unified forces was a very positive development which indicates that the country is making some progress though in their assessment it’s slow.

“We would like the leaders to continue making good faith efforts and progress towards a lasting peace for the country and its neighbors as well,” the US diplomat said.

There is still a lot of progress that need to be made by the unity government including the repatriation of refugees, holding of house census, amendment of some security and reform bills and drafting of a permanent constitution before heading for credible elections.

 “This is your country,” he said. Adding that “the U.S. has been instrumental helping the South Sudan to become an independent country and they will continue to respect the sovereignty of the country and they hope the citizens would reorganize the opportunity,” Moulik underscored.

 “Thinking about the youths in the dynamics and the potential of the country, I want just to advocate for the South Sudanese to recognize their opportunity and the responsibility to create a country that they would love it to look like,” he said.

The U.S diplomat emphasized that the young people are the future of South Sudan.

“I hope that they (youth) are aware about the responsibility they have towards their own future and they will take action that will help make a better country for all the citizens,” he noted.

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