Family of deceased solider refutes suicide claim

By William Madouk Garang

The Family of army officer, who was alleged to have taken his own life for salary delay, has rubbished the statement saying it’s too early to draw conclusion that it’s a suicide while investigation is ongoing.

This comes after a photo of late Athian Dut circulated on social media alleging that an SSPDF solider has committed suicide for reportedly not receiving his salary on time.

The alleged family member was quoted saying “if my children are dismissed from school because of the lack of school fees and my family has no bread to eat while I am the national army that protects the country then, it’s better to leave this earth.”

Dominic Athian Dut, a brother to late Athian Dut said the information that is circulating on social media are ‘baseless’ and have no ground, adding that the late cannot kill himself due to economic hardships become he comes from a decent family.

“The person who took the picture of the deceased at the site and posted it to social media was neither an immediate colleague nor a family member, we feel sad that he has misinformed the public about the cause of death of my brother,” Dut said.

“The fact about the death of the late is under investigation by the concerned institutions, till now we do not want to make any statement or conclusion that the late has killed himself because there is no evidence supporting it,” he continued.

He also stated that they were informed that late had written a letter which was taken by military intelligence and up to now the family has not seen it, asserting some of the suspects were arrested.

“Another thing that we have heard from some of the people that were there – was that the late was having misunderstanding with one of the first lieutenants,” he noted.

Dut advised the public to be careful of what they share on social media citing that things to do with death are left for the family to share the information.

“We are not happy because some individuals are misusing social media, for instance somebody who shot himself or has been shot nobody should post it apart from family that’s supposed to share photo and firsthand information,” 

According to the deceased family, the late survived by two wives, one is abroad with three children and another is in the country with one kid.

The family said late Athian participated in the liberation struggle since 1987 and he has endured many difficulties when he was volunteering, what would salary delay do to him.

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