Mayor declares war against drug dealers

By Bid Elly David

The mayor of Juba City Council has on Thursday declared war against drug sellers and youth following apprehension of eight drug dealers in a commercial activity of variety of toxic drugs in Juba.

Juba as the national City and capital of Central Equatoria State has been experiencing numerous dumping of hazardous and toxic products of all kinds from neighboring Countries.

Two third of youth according to a research carried by mental health experts revealed that South Sudan bears majority of young people who battle mental health issues due to high consumption of drugs such as the opium, Marijuana, Cocaine among many others.

The finding also revealed that mental health cases at the public facility was on rise as many youths have been admitted over psychiatric issues and majority of them range between the age bracket of 17 to 20.

A team led by the mayor of Juba City has on Wednesday apprehended eight drug dealers in Hai Thoura of Juba city selling different types of drugs such as the Ice smoke, drinking codeine and others.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Juba city Mayor, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, said that Juba has become a center of selling drugs to young people. He promised to critically battle crooks who will be found spoiling youth with their commercial toxics.

He said that it is the mandate of the city council to fight for the protection of its citizens from harmful products being exported and dumped into the Country by people who serve the purpose of ending people’s lives in exchange of money.

The mayor said that traders were formerly warned against importing drugs into the common market following apprehension of Marungi dealers few months ago.

He said that the rate of criminal activities has been on the rise as most of the young people acted under the influence of the drugs abuse.

The mayor directed all the security organs at the level of the city council to carry a comprehensive exercise and inspection towards arresting anyone found in drugs dealing saying that it is too early for the young people to perish as they have a lot of things to do in support of their families.

On his part, Gen. George Kenyi the director of police in Juba City Council promised to carry out security search against the drug dealers by force or fire and called on other security organs to intervene in the inspection exercise.

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