County commissioners strongly warned against duty neglect

By Bida Elly David

The Minister of local government has strongly warned County commissioners of Central Equatoria State against defaulting directives saying that some commissioners have been traced dodging duties and services for the citizens tending to live luxurious lives in Juba.

Central Equatoria State has six Counties with different commissioners having great potential and capacity for service delivery.

Recently, some commissioners among the six Counties within Central Equatoria States were accused of having involved in land grabbing and sale of plot of land to some business tycoons in the country. The accused commissioners have denied and condemned the accusations saying that they were working towards serving their counties.

At the same juncture, some commissioners were also reportedly accused of leaving their responsibilities in their Counties to stay in Juba being the Capital of Central Equatoria State and South Sudan. Citizens face a lot of problems as they would be seeking for the help of their leaders when coming to civil issues that needed emergency response.

In a statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Friday, Moro Isaac Jenasio, Central Equatoria State Minister of local government and law enforcement agencies warned all the six county commissioners against unnecessary travels to Juba or other countries abandoning their responsibilities while the citizens at their localities are faced by number of tragedies.

He said that the mentioned commissioners have been involved in random travels without the notice of the ministry of local government that is responsible in approving any departure or initiative.

Moro strongly criticized the act, underscoring that serious measures shall be imposed on any of the six commissioners who shall not be abiding by the mandate and the warning.

Furthermore, Moro pointed out that the absence of the county commissioners in their offices would deprive the citizens of services since they would lack the right person to respond to their needs.

He added that commissioners who focus on town accommodation lack competency and enthusiasm amid service delivery to their citizens since they believe in luxurious lives.

“It has come to the attention of this ministry that some County commissioners continue to default the directives as per the circular and are either travelling frequently for no clear reasons or continue to stay at large outside their Counties’ jurisdiction depriving the citizens of their much needed presence. With this background, you are duly reminded and authorized to return to your duty stations with immediate effect to serve your people,” he said.  

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