Kitgum District Hospital faces numerous challenges

By Martha John Savio – Kitgum Uganda

Kitgum district general hospital faces number of challenges that hinder effective service delivery to patients.

This was revealed Monday after an investigation, lots of expectant mothers complained about mama kits items that are not distributed or some of the items are less as expected and a mother who has to go under surgery section should pay a bill of eighty thousand Ugandan Shillings (80,000/=) yet the government funds the hospital.

In an exclusive interview with Kitgum district vice chairperson, Mrs. Atim Hellen Joyce and with some patients revealed some of the challenges saying there is no ultra sound to improve service delivery after only one ultra sound was stolen.

The hospital is understaffed, there only two (2) doctors and six (6) nurses at the general section yet the number of the patients over weigh that of the doctors.

More still Mrs. Atim added that, she noticed that there was no security deployment at the hospital to protect hospital property and even patient’s property.

Mrs. Atim further revealed that, there are a number of inlets into the hospital that intruders enter through to the hospital.

The hospital referral process is weak, it lacks some hospital facilities and patients are always referred to private clinics to buy some medications.

On reaching to the hospital administrator and in Charge of Kitgum general hospital, he said, “the challenges are administrative which will be worked on”.

However, Mrs. Atim said, “as government property and being government representatives, they will work together with other officials to protect the citizens”.

Mrs. Atim assured expectant mothers of receiving full mama kits to help some vulnerable mothers who are unable to purchase the mama kits by their own.

Atim said she will give recommendation to deploy security, close other inlets and leave only two outlets that is the entrance and exit.

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