One dead, scores injured in a highway ambush

By Adia Jildo

Four civilians have fallen in an ambush along Juba-Torit Road while coming to Juba yesterday.

A truck that had transported drinks from its main office in Juba to Torit with four passengers including its driver fell in ambush.

“When they were approaching Mwani bridge, they got attacked by bandits which left one dead and three got injured,” he said.

James Dak Karlos, the deputy police spokesperson said after exchanging fire with the attackers, some bandits happened to escape while only two were arrested.

“They exchanged fire where one person died and 3 got injured in the incident. They are now admitted in Giada hospital,” Dak said.

Two of the attackers were arrest and a case has been put in Gumbo police station under investigation.

He said passengers and drivers using highways such as Torit-Juba, Yei- Kaya and Nimule-Juba should use convoy to avoid incidents like these that led to loss of lives and property.

“We have warned passengers to use a transport that will be escorted using a convoy because there those people especially during festive seasons like this who want to extort things from passengers,” he said.

Dak said those who have been apprehended will be used to investigate the incident for calm to be restored along the roads.

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