Use guns for killing animals, not people

By Bida Elly David

The Cardinal of Khartoum Catholic Archdiocese on Sunday cautioned citizens and the authorities against using guns for killing themselves saying that guns should be used for killing animals not people.

He delivered the statement in his homily during the Centenary celebration marking one hundred years of faith in Torit catholic diocese of Eastern Equatoria State.

He condemned the tendency of tribalism among all the citizens following the continuous highway attacks saying that the practice played a passive role in creating division among the people of God.

Speaking during his homily on Sunday, His Eminence Gabriel Zubeir Wako, the Cardinal of Khartoum archdiocese said that division among people is a phenomenon that profits no body rather promotes killing.

He underscored that sending the people on exile through war and division could not bring everlasting peace if government does not demonstrate much efforts in creating a sustainable environment of peace to the people in different communities.

At the same note, Cardinal Zubeir told the authorities to desist from stealing, grabbing peoples’ property and running after women saying that such practices would not promote the society to a next level rather would create more hate.

“You people are the children of God. Throw your guns and spears away and embrace the sign of peace and togetherness the way our Lord Jesus Christ does with us his people” he said.

“You have to live with dignity. You should not be stealing, running after women or men, grabbing peoples’ things for any reason. Some people grab because they have power and know that your power will end the day you will be put in the box” he said.

He called on the citizens to avoid using guns for killing people rather (the guns) should be used for killing animals since a human being plays a bigger role in the society.

He further reiterated that the tendency of citizens and government officials living with guns against each other is destructive and evil since it creates enmity of a highest order thus urging the citizens and the government to shy away from that.

“If you have guns in your places, let it be for killing lions. Make me know where you are that you will love one another. Don’t sell the food that you have in emergency but you should also think of the hungry people who are in need to be fed. Through your charity, help one another just as Jesus helps the church” he appealed.

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