Dr. Machar poised to resolve subnational violence

By Taban Tom Henry

The First Vice President and the Chair of the Governance Cluster Dr. Riek Machar Teny has assured the country of their confidence in handling matters of subnational violence.

This came during the six governor’s forum that kickstarted in Juba on Tuesday 22nd of November 2022.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Machar hinted out that he is confident that though the country is facing challenges of clashes, displacement, inter-communal violence or subnational violence they are confident to resolve predominantly the sub national violence.

It means the country will have a new dispensation, new openness, political space will not be any more an issue to discuss but it will be a normal setup. Having said these few things although we have challenges of clashes, displacement, inter-communal violence or subnational violence but to me we are confident to resolve this particularly the sub national violence” he said.   

Dr. Machar said that this year’s forum is a milestone in the implementation of the peace agreement, key one we have graduated the forces in phase one. We are confident that the country will be secured once these forces are deployed and also, we are confident that the phase two of it shall commence as soon as possible.

“We are also holding this forum at the time when we have agreed on the roadmap for implementing the outstanding issues in the agreement. The roadmap initially was misgiving, its intention was to keep in power but now it has become clear that its intention was to implement the peace agreement that will help take back the country to a peaceful and democratic transition” he added.

Machar however hopes that by next year they shall be saying or we are just about to finish working on the permanent constitution and that shall have already graduated six months ago the phase two which means a lot that all of us must participate in the process of the constitutional making.

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