Rumbek Municipality launches general cleaning campaign

By Yang Ater Yang

Rumbek Municipal council launches general cleaning campaign in Rumbek town under the theme keep Rumbek town clean.

Addressing the media during the event, the Mayor of Rumbek Municipality Peter Maliap Chieny Malok said the cleaning campaign will take place in the market and the rest of the of Rumbek saying as x-mass approaches, many people come saying they have people who will come from diaspora and from Juba.

“We need our town to be kept clean, so I visited some areas, I got cabbage, we talk with some of the shop’s owners such that they clean their shops or places because cleaning is health. It will prevent lots of diseases such as cholera and other diseases infecting human beings.

Maliap added that there is nothing that can make people fear saying insecurity is over, adding that they are embarking on devolvement activities.

“I want to inform the public that we don’t want the local alcohol or any exported wines to be brought to Lakes state, it is to be part of our campaign, alcohol has contributed to the former insecurity which was rampant in Lakes state. It has killed a lot people,” he added.

The Rumbek mayor stated that the launching is not going to remain in Rumbek markets but it will be extended to all the areas of Rumbek in order to see that all places are clean without alcohol being sold.

He added that they have written letters to all the big companies in Rumbek citing that they wanted all the internal roads which are heading to the NGOs or hotels to be leveled with Marram as well as telling them to make general cleaning.

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