Lack of genuine partnership derail peace process

By Taban Tom Henry

President Salva Kiir has appealed to development partners to work closely with the government in transitioning the country from a situation of conflict to peace, reconciliation, and healing.

He made the appeal in his remarks during the opening session of the 6th Governors’ Forum on Tuesday.

Kiir urged the parties to the agreement and the peace monitoring bodies to jointly support the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

He underlined that the government needed the support of regional and international partners, saying it cannot achieve the goal of transitioning the country to democracy alone.

“Since we signed the Revitalized Peace Agreement in Khartoum in 2018, we have put concerted efforts to its implementation. These efforts have brought us this far” he said.

“Despite what we have achieved as parties to the agreement in the last four years, we are also aware of the frustrations from our partners over the pace of the Revitalized peace agreement implementation” he noted.

“What was missing in this collective desire to see the agreement implemented to the letter spirit was and still is genuine partnership” he continued.

The President further stated that positive step have been achieved towards the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement however he stressed that collective efforts are required to accomplish the outstanding tasks.

“The task of reconciling the people, rebuilding destroyed communities and transitioning our people out of conflict cycle need resources” he added.

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