Uncertainty surrounds $20 million worth of Sorghum shipment

By Adia Jildo

Uncertainty now surrounds the 20 million US dollars’ worth of Sorghum grains procured for flood affected population as the former minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Peter Mayen Majongdit said the grains he purchased from Sudan has not arrived prior to his removal and his no longer responsible for its follow-up.

As the Humanitarian Affairs ministry docket remains vacant since Mayen sacking last week, the ministry is mute on the progress of transportation of the Sorghum consignment which former minister Mayen said the grains was supposed to arrive their country within a week’s time that was before his dismissal.

Earlier this month, the former minister of humanitarian affair and disaster management purchased 300,000 bags of Sorghum grains to support most affected flood victims in the northern corridor of South Sudan which its first batch would have been received in a weeks’ time after the purchase.

Mayen said since he has left the office it’s not now his responsibility anymore to follow up with the grain deals.

“I have done my part and I have done my best and I have purchased the sorghum. I am not in the office now but I have done my part” he said.

Mayen dispelled any corruption allegation against “I have no corruption cases or international sanctions.” He noted.

“By now we would have been receiving the first batch but since I am out of office then the possibility of those consignment particularly to offer to citizens that are already suffering is going to be very low” he said.

The former Humanitarian Affairs Minister doubted the potential of any national that would take responsibility as the humanitarian minister to step into his former role.

“The question is not about the position but how much you have given. How much are you committed. I do not know who will be committed more than I do. If there is, then I do not know maybe from outside South Sudan” he exclaimed.

Mayen said the purchased sorghum would target vulnerable population of 1.2 million in three states of the most affected areas.

Meanwhile, when contacted for response on the matter, the Undersecretary in the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Dr. Kot Bol said that he cannot immediately comment.

“The ministry is silent, there is no comment. I would like to take time and I will not respond today. There is statement that might not necessarily not be correct” he responded.

The 20 million United States dollar worth of grains was a fund approved to the Ministry of humanitarian affairs as a quick response to the flood disaster since the government had already declared the situation a state of emergency.

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