Court convicted 21 year old for defiling a baby

By Adia Jildo

The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Juvenile court in Juba has sentenced a 21-year-old Khadija for defiling a 1-year-old baby, Thursday.

Khadija George Angelo claimed she was told by a witch doctor to penetrate the baby and deliver the baby’s blood to the shrine.

Judge, Francis Amum said during the court proceedings, the case was proven beyond reasonable doubt that suspect Khadija had committed the act.

“The mother of the baby had gone to the market leaving the baby in Khadija’s care when she took charge to penetrate the baby using her hand which left the baby bleeding” he said.

“When the mother came and got the child bleeding, Khadija was asked about the incident where she said she does not know” he stated.

Presiding judge, Francis Amum said the medical result showed that the baby was penetrated using an object (finger nails) citing that the accused was the one who subjected the survivor to the act.

After carefully examining the evidence presented. the GBV court convicted Khadija Angelo for sexual penetration under section 247 subsection 2 of the penal act 2008.

“The convict is sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for defilement in contravention of section 247 subsection 2 of the penal act 2008” the president judge read out the court verdict.

Francis Amum said the convict was charged with a fine of 2 million South Sudanese Pounds for amelioration of the condition of the baby girl child by means of civil procedure.

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