Heath Ministry anxious of poor healthcare

By Bida Elly David

The National Ministry of Health has expressed worry of the poor health sector across the country saying basic healthcare services to citizens is below the base line target thus government is obliged to immediately improve it.

This development transpired during the on-going sixth governors’ forum in Juba that’s meant to deliberate on the current status of the States and how decisions would be driven to overcome the tribulations.

Early this year, reports from some patients and administrators at Al-Sabah Children hospital and other public health facilities in the States manifested  shortage of drugs, beds and medical supplies to be used for rendering medical services in the hospitals.

The reports stated that most of the hospitals have been aided by organizations who later on withdrew due to reasons best known to them. The patients accused some doctors for charging them certain amount of money in exchange of medicines which would have been free of charge.

The situation compelled the Ministry of health to open eyes on rectifying the on-going turmoil that has been crippling the health sector in various ways.

Speaking during the forum, the national minister of health, Yolanda Awel Deng said that the health sector across the Country has been impeded with number of challenges such as lack of drugs and medical facilities in the states for everyone to access.

She blamed the government for its slow response saying that it was the responsibility of all citizens to ensure contribution of medical services in the Country through the authority being the driver.

She said despite the global pandemic and the economic recession that impacted all the sectors government would have invested many efforts to prioritize the health sector for the sake of the citizens’ wellbeing.

“The basic health care services are below the base line target” she said “It is every one’s responsibility to contribute in the enhancement of all these services.  It is us in the government to be in the driving seat to give basic social services to our population” she noted.

“I am aware of the impact of the global pandemic and the global economic crisis but I ask us to do better,’’ she added.

Yolanda stressed that the crippled health sector needed much work to be mended since all the States across the Country have been pouring blames on the Ministry.

“The heath sector needs your work, support and improvement because delivering health services to our population and nation is the implementation of the roadmap and enhancement of peace and stability in our in our nation” she said

The minister however commended the national and the international partners and donors similarly for their tireless contributions in helping the health sector despite the alarming challenges it faced.

Minister Yolanda reiterated the health ministry commitment towards working together to transform the health sector to the next level. 

She alarmed the government authorities over slow-down of the health sector demanding immediate solution to the heath state of jeopardy.

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