Kitgwang faction accuses government officials of violence

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

SPLM/A-IO Kitgwang Faction under Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual has accused some government officials of dismantling Kitgwang faction, contributing to the ongoing violence in the west bank of Upper Nile State and failure of the Khartoum Peace Agreement.

According to the statement extended to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Col. Nyang Gony Gai, the Press Secretary in the Office of Gen. Simon Gatwech stated that Kitgwang distrust the government in Juba.

Nyang alleged that some government officials contributed to failure of the Khartoum Peace Agreement and the ongoing violence through applying some corner retreating commanders within Kitgwang.

He also said that the government officials applied divide and rule policy through providing money to some Kitgwang individuals. Gatwech mouthpiece, however declined to name the government officials he accused of sabotaging the Kitgwang faction.

“The failure to implement 16th January 2022 Khartoum Peace Agreement between SPLM/A-IO Kitwang and the government proofs it that the narrative from Juba is not true and the involvement of Government officials in setting SPLM/A-IO Kitwang apart,” he stated.

Col. Nyang underlined that dismantling the implementation process of the Khartoum Peace Agreement has contributed to the ongoing violence in west bank of Upper Nile State and Northern Part of Jonglei Sate.

Gen. Gatwech military camp also responded to the calls made by Defense Minister Angelina Teny that SPLM-IO Kitwang is looking for an inclusive political settlement that will pave way for viable and effective approach towards finding a lasting solution to the situation in the Country.

The Minister of Defense of R-TGoNU recently appealed to SPLM/A-IO Kitwang Declaration to join the second phase of the implementation of the security arrangement or face exclusion from peace implementation.

“The Leadership of SPLM/A-IO Kitwang is aware that everybody in South Sudan is yearning for peace and stability but the peace that we are looking for is not about ideals,” Kitgwang faction stated in their statement.

“Imaginations or positioning ourselves into positions that will drain out the bare resources which can be used for essential services to our vulnerable people in our society, SPLM-IO Kitwang is ready for peace,” he declared.

Khartoum Peace Agreement was signed by Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual as Chairman of the Kitgwang Declaration and his deputy Gen. Johnson Olony the Chairman and Commander of Agwelek forces.

The Agreement was signed in Khartoum with President Salva Kiir’s SPLM-in government.

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