Medical doctors have become sexually immoral

By Bida Elly David

A renowned gender expert has blamed the health sector over poor monitoring of male doctors regarding sexual act against women saying nurses and girls in most facilities would be at risk against the abuse.

She made the statement following the accusation of the medical doctor at the Juba Teaching Hospital over sexual scandal formerly committed since 2015.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper over the weekend, Dorothy Drabuga, an expert on gender matters said that women across the Country are in total risk as men use their monetary powers for sexual exploitation and lust.

She criticized the male medical doctor against having sex with women in his office above all an office given to him by the government of the Republic of South Sudan.

“You know according to professional ethics, you cannot have sex with your patients. Even if not in the medical profession it is generally known that having sex in the office with staff or any other person is wrong according to the law. The act committed by the doctor was a clear sexual harassment and exploitation and he should not be left unpunished,” she said.

Drabuga further blamed women who offer their bodies to men just to meet their financial gain and walk away.

She warned them to immediately refrain from such activities of using their bodies as sex objects for generating dirty money from dirty men who focused on lust as an order of the day.

“I would like to advise women to open up and break the silence on sexual gender based violence. I know now that due to the economic crisis in the Country, they may be forced to such acts so that they can put food on their tables for their children but I advise them to try other ways of making money such as doing small businesses and I think by these, they will be safer from such tragedies,” she said.

In addition, Dorothy warned men against using their money to deceive young girls especially underage ones as well as those pursuing their medical careers and doing attachment in hospitals.

Not only that, Mrs. Drabuga also partly stood with masculine gender as some of them face rape by some women who are hungry for sex.

“Some men also encounter sexual harassment by some women who also take advantage to meet their sexual desires. So, although these cases are common, government should be keen and serious in addressing such matters through eradication and gender advocacy,” she advised.

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