Archbishop Arok urges Christians to be away from gang activities

By staff

The Anglican Church of South Sudan concluded its Synod at St. Joseph Cathedral of Good Shepherd in Serekat residential area, Juba South Sudan on last Sunday. The participants of the Synod were from; Kenya, Uganda and from parts of South Sudan states.

Speaking to the congregation, His Grace Archbishop and Head of the Anglican Church of South Sudan Rt Rev. Peter Bol Arok warned Christians not to be involved in gang practices as it is not acceptable in the Christian faith.

His Grace Bol told his eight Bishops of the Anglican church of South Sudan to work hard especially in transformation of human life during the peace dissemination.

During the events, three activities were done; number one is conclusion of three-day Synod of the Anglican Church of South Sudan meeting, secondly ordination of the pastors and Lay Church Readers and fund raising.

Rev. Paul Malwal Head of the St. Joseph Cathedral of Good Shepherd explains the brief history about St. Joseph Cathedral Good Shepherd; Rev. Malwal said that the Parish was established early 2012 and begun to operate since 2015 up to date.

Malwal added that the administration of St. Joseph cathedral of Good Shepherd “would like to declare today (Sunday) in front of Anglican Church of South Sudan Provincial Synod of the following area namely; Vision, Mission, Objectives, achievements, challenges and plans that have been experienced by the St. Joseph Parish for last two years”.

Rev. Paul Malwal stated that his parish has managed to get these achievements; promotion of agriculture project within eight Hectares at Juba two area, the church has bought plot for church extension, the church provided spiritual growth and monetary supports to needy within the church and outside the church, diocese percentage and Archbishop salaries are fully paid.

In explaining the challenges facing the Parish, Rev. Malwal said that there is shortage of land for more church projects, lack of funds to implement church plans, many of the pastors are not trained in liturgy and Theology, shortage of Bibles and Anglican church common prayer books, lack of schools for Sunday school to mention few among many challenges.

At the same event, Rev. Paul added that his parish has plans into two forms (Short and Long) term strategic plans as follows: construction of the basic school with six classes, extension of the church, renewal of the agricultural projects, finishing church remaining parts, to buy many lands for the church development, to buy church equipment, to introduce adult education literacy programme and the Church Evangelization and mission.

During the fund raising on Sunday, the church raised four hundred thousand twenty-four and seven hundred South Sudan Pound Only (424,700 SSP) and two thousand one hundred and ten US Dollar (2,110 USD) and the purpose of the funds raising is to fund some of the church activities.

Samuel Gatwech, a member of the Ayod Diocese, Anglican church of South Sudan said that in Anglican Church of South Sudan, they are united in which South Sudanese communities should copy from them to keep up everlasting peace in the country.

On the other hand, Mary Awuni who represented Kakuma refugee camp told the members of the church that they are so united and praying for peace back in the country. She added that they are willing to come back home to join hands to develop the country.

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