Juba City Council suffers political trace

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Mayor of Juba City, His Worship Michael Lado Allah-Jabu has alluded that the nomination of the Juba City Legislative Council has been politicized based on the peace agreement.

He made the statement to the media yesterday.

The Juba city legislative council is the laws and policy making body of the Juba City Council which legislate bylaws for the city council like any other legislative council all over South Sudan.

“Those counsellors are supposed to come from the block residential areas under the city council, not from the political parties,” Mayor Allah-Jabu argued.

The council is also formulated within the Payams in the level of the counties and through the block councils in the level of the city council in which Juba city council has about three that includes; Kator, Juba and Munuki block Council respectively.

The mayor further stated that the formation of the body of city legislative council is supposed to happen immediately after inauguration aligning to the peace agreement which is hard to implement within a day.

He said parties to the agreement are supposed to summit in forms for positions of the counsellors which has now taken about four months, with only SPLM and SPLM/A-IO that have responded.

Mayor Allah-Jabu blamed the parties who have not submitted in their nominees.

This came after a member of the legislative council whose identity remains withheld by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper for personal reasons slammed the city mayor for the delay in giving mandates to the councilors.

The councilor, said since they were appointed in September last year and sworn in this year on 26 August no tangible steps has been taken afterwards.

Councilor said she is confused on what’s going on in city council administration throwing the question back to the Juba city mayor Lado Allah-Jabu.

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