South Sudan, Ethiopia top intelligence chiefs discuss peace and security

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Chief of Military Intelligence of South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF), Lt. General Marshal Stephen Babanen and his Ethiopian counterpart Major General Demsew Amenu of the Ethiopian Federal Defense Forces Intelligence Directorate discussed continued cooperation on peace and security between the two nations on Saturday.

Lt Gen. Stephen Babanen said that Ethiopia and South Sudan should ensure peace and security of the two neighboring countries

On the other hand Major Gen. Demsew pointed out that Ethiopia and South Sudan have a history of working together in all areas.

Maj. Gen. Demsew added that it is essential and preferable to work together in the field of security in order to maintain security in the future.

Both Parties agreed that there should be an intensive exchange of information on peace and security.

However, according to reports Ethiopia and South Sudan border is a prime example of a porous border, sharing a 543-mile-long border along Gambella Regional States of Ethiopia.

One Research from the Southern Network for Peace Tasew Tafese Gashaw examines the cross border inter-group conflict along the South Sudan and Ethiopia border.

The Researcher recommended how Regional and International organization and the government of South Sudan and Ethiopia can reduce cross-border intergroup conflict and improve the livelihoods of borderland communities.

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