Mayor accused of grabbing grave yard, claims rubbished

By Bida Elly David

The Mayor of Juba City Council yesterday trashed a serious allegations labelled against him and the national security by some crooks on illegal grabbing of Gbongoroki grave yard for ownership saying that the accusations were baseless and illogical.

This contradicting saga transpired following a consultative meeting between the National Security Service, the authority of the Juba City Council, the directorate of Kator Town Block Council and Gbongoroki quarter council to clear out civil doubts regarding the baseless accusations labelled against the authority on the forceful grabbing of the home for departed souls.

Recently, some citizens have thrown blames on the Mayor of Juba City and the National Security Service were allegedly accused of making an attempt to grab Gbongoroki graveyard along Jebel Road following a general assessment which was believed to have been a strategy to act.

Some Months ago, the city mayor also warned citizens who claimed Hai Malakal graveyard as a zone for settlement and business enterprises.

He earlier said that the occupants of the graveyards claimed to be homeless and displaced knowing well that the graveyard was established for burying the dead.

He promised to dislodge those who claimed to have occupied the cemetery for being displaced or homeless.

Speaking to journalists after the consultative meeting, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu the Mayor of Juba city rubbished the allegations labelled against them by the residents and other sources saying that the authority never had any intention to grab the home for departed souls rather to ensure total protection by erecting a fence.

 Michael said that the initiative of fencing Gbongoroki graveyard came after several consultations with other authorities as well as executing laws that mandated them to protect the five graveyards found within the jurisdiction of the city council.

Mayor criticized his accusers saying that the graveyard was not safe as people used it as a centre for crimes, dumping garbage as well as other related criminal activities thus fencing it would be the only remedy to safeguard it from the hands of crooks and land grabbers who were not merciful to departed should.

At the same not Michael said that he was not worthy as an individual to forcefully grab the land for the dead instead of protecting it from disrespectful and merciless folks.

On his part Akol Kur the director general of National Security Services Internal Security Bureau condemned the allegations against them assuring the folks that they are working to support and protect the integrity of people not to grab the lands.

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